Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mummy lefts mes!!!!


Mummy lefts me herez againz and wents to sees Daddy wifs outs me! What da hecks! Now me ands my brovers ares stuck wif hers stinky seester....I no likey her. I gets mys food myselfs! HMMPPFFF! I no takey mys med-e-sin fors ever eifers...nope nope, I wills nots! I fink Mummy iz coming backs to-mar-rows dough. Den we haves to studys fors tests and writes lots of papers...coll-edge iz dones on Fursday.

You knows...I was gazings outsides my condo and I nose understands hows Charlie's condo iz such a messish  all da timez! Why he nose keeps his litter in his box? ands why musts he poos all over dat huge fing he runs on? ....Hows egg-saw-sting.... and den Gizmo...I haves no clues what dat dude does over dares. He's always runnings arounds under his liners ands dumping his dishes--they both a bunch of crazies! been 6 minnets timez fors anodder nap.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh nose... der-eyes and reds skins spots


Mummy note-iced todays whiles wes weres in Hoglish class dat I habes dry skins again ands I habes a few spots dat is reds. =\ She sabes I prob-ill-less shoulds starts my med-ee-sin agains to make sures I otays. I tells hers I fine, but she nots list-sin to mes...nope nope!

Today was ours last days of class-sis. Now we just habes papers to writes ands two tests....whatever doze takes and we bes all dones wif dis......uhmmm...whats iz its I fink...anyways, dat is nice and hopefullys Mummy wills be less stre-sised. Den ins da times of May wes are takeish a poetry classish and Mummy wills bes tea-ching poetry tos  da bad peoples dat lives in da big scary building wifs reallys tall fences and guards...I scareds....I not go dares and I no likey Mummy go dars eifers, but I guesses she wantish toos. She sabes shes a little nerrvus toos. Wes also takings a class of da a-mare-i-cans hisssstory too...dat sounds likes a greats timez for a nap!!

My brovers ares doing pretty wells. Charlie iz healthys and nevers gots our seekness, so dats good, and Gizmo iz finallys growing somes of his quills backs even dough he still losing somes toos. I ams losing some still, but I nots bald like dat poor dude.

YAWWWWNNNN....I fink its timez tos shleep againz....Zzzzzzzzz....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ohai's erybodies! I iz backs.

Hi's erybodies!

I swories I habes beens gones fors awhiles. I was verys seek fors some times and so was my brover, Gizmo. Mummy was shmending lots of times takings cares of us. Mummy sabes I nose not writes much rights now causes it so lates, buts I wantish to sabes hi's to erybodies and tells you I backs now. =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wows! Somebodies mades da Snow fairies madssss!!!

Sorry erybodies dat I haves nots beens writings eryby days. Mummy haves nots beens feelings da bestest, sos I beens helpings hers wif stuffish.

Tuesday nights da snow fairies cames and da wind goblings howleds really louds all nights!! I was scareds! I slepts wif Mummy most of da nights. Whens we woked ups dare was snows eryber wheres!!! Mummy saids we gots 17 inches!!! Coll-edge was closedes fors da second times sinces 1889! We spents da day togefers ins da warms nappings. =)

Hedgehog days was yes-tur-days toos and Charlies ran and ran and ran and ran!!! We almost mets our goals for monies, buts we fells shorts a little bits. =\ We hopes to does better next years, but we still prouds ofs whats we dids dis years and we wants to sends a big HUGE fanks to alls our spon-sirs!!!

Mummy starts tea-ching ons Monday and she berry berry nerve-us!! Daddy & I fink she do greats, buts she nots listning. hopefully no ones makes da  snow fairies mads agains!

I wants to sends good luckish and positive healing vibes tos my good friends Penny and I also very happys dat Tails iz makings a goods recovery!!

<3 Little Foot

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wowwie! I bee-hinds.

Janaury 20th: MUMMYS BIRFDAY!!!

Mummy hads a greats birfday! She gots ans A ons her hiss-story test ands on da Map Test-- She was verys happys. Afters classes we wents home and Daddy was theres!!!!! They wents outs to dinners wif erbodyies, buts I hads to stays bee-hinds ins my condo. HMMMMPPPFFFFF!!! buts, Mummy lookeds verys perty. I knews a see-cret toos: dare was a pack-edge dares for Mummy froms Auntie Christina, Tumbleweed, Auntie Debbie and Benny!!! I trieds peekings, buts da box was too tallish. Whens Mummy & Daddy gots home, Mummy was berry sure-prised toos sees da pack-edge-- theys gots her TP tubes fors hers hair!! She tolds mes wes ares very blesseds tos haves dem ins our lifes ands I agreed. Da rest of da night I glareds at Daddy froms my condo since he was hoggings Mummy froms me.. HMMMPPFFF!

Daddy hads to goes backs to his condo ons da morning ofs da Friday and Mummy was very sads. I felts bads fors hers and trieds to be niceish. She boughted a news face stuff and its verys taste-E!! I leecked it offs hers hands ands her face-- she fought it was funnys, but den real-liesd I bites her cheek.

We backs at coll-edge nows ands we haves lots of works. Ins ones hedgelish class dares a paper ons Frederick Douglass or somes dude.. In da pages of words wes reading hes seems likes a real jerk! Den ins history wes ares learnings abouts da highs and lates middle ages...Mummy saids wes ares starting da Tudors next weeks whatever dat is. We haves to starts ours huge Re-search Port-fold-lee-O pra-ject toos! Dats wills bes lots of works! WHEW!

Ons a sads note... Mummy iz stills havings headaches. She wents to da vet and day said its infections ofs da sinus ors too muches sugar at once. She ons medicines buts I dont knows....

  Charliz is runnings ins it, so feels frees to sends him a monies donation ins cash or checkie. It iz takens aways froms taxes and you cans haves a slips dat says sos if you wants. Da monies goes to HWS a greats place dat helped saves my brover, Gizmo!

Otays... I haves mores work of das home.

<3 Little Foot

Monday, January 17, 2011

Seecret stealer!

Wells, Mummy ands I ares backs at coll-edge fors da week. Her Mummy mades us leaves earlys because of white fallings froms da sky. Mummy was upsets because she wanteds to shleepsh mores and goes tos her Auntie Sandys birfday party...Her Mummy was beings a meanie! HMMMPPFFF!!

BUT! Whens Mummy was puttings mes ins my care-e-er she saids "OH NO! Whats stuck on your teeth?!" I nose ideas what she talkings abouts...nofing stucks on my teefs. Den befores I knows it she is steecking hers fingers ins my mouth tryings to prys it opens!!! She no fools me.. I knows what she was doings! Trying to steals birfday seecrets she was! I not lets hers ins my mouth.. I shooks my heads and scrunched mys nose and gaves her a WHO-HA rights in da belly! NO SEECRETS FORS YOU MUMMY!!!!!

In da end I dids haves a fuzzy stucks...oopsies.. =)

Alsos...Mummy iz still havings bads aches of da heads...pwease prayers fors hers dat she feels betters soonish. Fank you.


Pssstttt....Mummy iz 20s ins free days!!

<3 Little Foot

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Da past few days haves beens terribles. Mummy has nots beens feelings wells and not been ables to do muches. We haves so muchs works of da home and orders fors da Bow-teek, buts Mummy iz sicks of da belly and verys dizzy.

Gizmo attempteds high-bur-nation AGAINZ!!!! Mummy was ups untils da morning of 5 wif hims and she was cryings and beggings hims to gets better...I felts so bads. I was watchings hers froms my condo. Mummy says we haves to figure outs how to sets up da room differents so nones of us ares ons an outside wall...whatever dat means. I wishes I could helps Mummy nots bees so stressed; da past few days haves just beens horribles. Dare was a recalls ons her car, hers fone iz brokens, hers grandme iz ins da vets, da 'puter keeps beings weirds, and we haves tons of readings to dos fors coll-edge but she cants gets her ache of da head to goes away... Sigh.... poors Mummy!!!!

Charlotte gots a news seester todays! We so happys her Mummy was ables to gets hers from da nasty pet store. She iz just likes my brover Charlie was. =( I no likey pet stores at alls! HMMPPPFFFFF!!!!!

Ohs! My cuz-sin, Tumbleweed, was da cute peekchur of da day todays! He iz suchs a care-ic-ter! I hopes I gets to sees my Aunties soon... I misses dem lots and lots. We gots mores whites froms da sky too!! Mummy saids likes 4-5 inches...I not sures how muches dat iz thoughs, but it looked purrtyy!

I hopes my brover gets betters soon..pwease prays fors mummy toos!

*Pssssttttttt...... my mummy iz 20 years ins fives days!!!!! Shhhhh...I saids nofing...

<3 Little Foot