Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Todays iz my seesters birfday; she iz ten years old....Wow...dats really olds....*amazement face*

Anyway todays was class of dances and now Mummys back hurts. She saids she never knows dis kind of dance befores and Daddy says its likes a noodle blowings in da wind. I not nose noodles wents outsides....
but, thens we wrotes our first paper and Mummy started readings abouts da An-glow Sacks-ins and somes All-fred da great guy...I hads no clues; I curleds ups in her arm pits and wents to shleepsh. Mummy woked me up thoughs and she hads da nail stealers!! I broughts outs my ninja skeels and gabes them a WHO-HA!

To-mar-rows afters classes wes ares going homes to celebrates Lily da woof-woofs birfday and we haves some orders froms da boutique to dos too! We wills haves a long weekends to shleep cause its the day of King Martin or somes dude on Monday. Mummy needs da rest!

*Snifffff....snorffffff* I smells nanner! I outta heres!

<3 Little Foot

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  1. LF you are too funny! I can see you giving those nail stealers a WHO HA!! Happy Bifday to Lily the Woof Woof!! I hope there is nanner cake. :)