Saturday, January 15, 2011


Da past few days haves beens terribles. Mummy has nots beens feelings wells and not been ables to do muches. We haves so muchs works of da home and orders fors da Bow-teek, buts Mummy iz sicks of da belly and verys dizzy.

Gizmo attempteds high-bur-nation AGAINZ!!!! Mummy was ups untils da morning of 5 wif hims and she was cryings and beggings hims to gets better...I felts so bads. I was watchings hers froms my condo. Mummy says we haves to figure outs how to sets up da room differents so nones of us ares ons an outside wall...whatever dat means. I wishes I could helps Mummy nots bees so stressed; da past few days haves just beens horribles. Dare was a recalls ons her car, hers fone iz brokens, hers grandme iz ins da vets, da 'puter keeps beings weirds, and we haves tons of readings to dos fors coll-edge but she cants gets her ache of da head to goes away... Sigh.... poors Mummy!!!!

Charlotte gots a news seester todays! We so happys her Mummy was ables to gets hers from da nasty pet store. She iz just likes my brover Charlie was. =( I no likey pet stores at alls! HMMPPPFFFFF!!!!!

Ohs! My cuz-sin, Tumbleweed, was da cute peekchur of da day todays! He iz suchs a care-ic-ter! I hopes I gets to sees my Aunties soon... I misses dem lots and lots. We gots mores whites froms da sky too!! Mummy saids likes 4-5 inches...I not sures how muches dat iz thoughs, but it looked purrtyy!

I hopes my brover gets betters soon..pwease prays fors mummy toos!

*Pssssttttttt...... my mummy iz 20 years ins fives days!!!!! Shhhhh...I saids nofing...

<3 Little Foot


  1. Oh LF...what a stressful week!! I think it's a good idea to move Gizmo away from the window. If your mommy needs any help with ideas, tell her she can send me peek-churs of her room and I can see what we can do. Also, see if you can find out what your mummy might want for her bif-day (but don't let her know who asked! Just ask her real casual-like.) :D

  2. Auntie Debbie!!! Gizmo belly iz warms!!! Wes backs in bizness!

    Mummy said shes will sends you peekchurs soons. Its no helps dat ours room habes twos windows! I finks wes all gonna haves to bees ons da same wall.