Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wowwie! I bee-hinds.

Janaury 20th: MUMMYS BIRFDAY!!!

Mummy hads a greats birfday! She gots ans A ons her hiss-story test ands on da Map Test-- She was verys happys. Afters classes we wents home and Daddy was theres!!!!! They wents outs to dinners wif erbodyies, buts I hads to stays bee-hinds ins my condo. HMMMMPPPFFFFF!!! buts, Mummy lookeds verys perty. I knews a see-cret toos: dare was a pack-edge dares for Mummy froms Auntie Christina, Tumbleweed, Auntie Debbie and Benny!!! I trieds peekings, buts da box was too tallish. Whens Mummy & Daddy gots home, Mummy was berry sure-prised toos sees da pack-edge-- theys gots her TP tubes fors hers hair!! She tolds mes wes ares very blesseds tos haves dem ins our lifes ands I agreed. Da rest of da night I glareds at Daddy froms my condo since he was hoggings Mummy froms me.. HMMMPPFFF!

Daddy hads to goes backs to his condo ons da morning ofs da Friday and Mummy was very sads. I felts bads fors hers and trieds to be niceish. She boughted a news face stuff and its verys taste-E!! I leecked it offs hers hands ands her face-- she fought it was funnys, but den real-liesd I bites her cheek.

We backs at coll-edge nows ands we haves lots of works. Ins ones hedgelish class dares a paper ons Frederick Douglass or somes dude.. In da pages of words wes reading hes seems likes a real jerk! Den ins history wes ares learnings abouts da highs and lates middle ages...Mummy saids wes ares starting da Tudors next weeks whatever dat is. We haves to starts ours huge Re-search Port-fold-lee-O pra-ject toos! Dats wills bes lots of works! WHEW!

Ons a sads note... Mummy iz stills havings headaches. She wents to da vet and day said its infections ofs da sinus ors too muches sugar at once. She ons medicines buts I dont knows....

  Charliz is runnings ins it, so feels frees to sends him a monies donation ins cash or checkie. It iz takens aways froms taxes and you cans haves a slips dat says sos if you wants. Da monies goes to HWS a greats place dat helped saves my brover, Gizmo!

Otays... I haves mores work of das home.

<3 Little Foot

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