Sunday, January 9, 2011

Charlie iz weirds...

Sos, I wakes up at likes 1:30 and I peekings out of snuggle sacks over tos my brover Charlie's condo and I don't sees him; I assumed dat Mummy hads him outs for cuddle time which I gots very huffys abouts!! Buts whens I waddleds overs to my bowl of da waters I saw da little whipper snapper smushed unders his sides ways bowl fing dat he runs ons!!! What da hecks Charlie!?! Hes was completelys shoved under dares and da icky part iz.... his litter box iz under dar. So hes was layings ins his potty smusheds likes doze creepys car window cling fings unders his sides ways bowl fing!

He almosts gabes Mummy an attack of da hearts! Even she foughts it was stranges! All dis runnings for da wheel-a-thon iz makings him batty...but da little dude haves always beens a littles strange.... *looking arounds for mummy listenings.*

I betters gets offs heres thoughs... Mummy and I haves to trabels backs to coll-edge to-mar-rows and she iz verys huffy abouts getting ebryfing readys.

<3 Little Foot


  1. Iz sleep smoosheyd under meh wheely too!!!!

  2. LOL!! This post made me laugh!! Creepy car window fing! Oh that Charlie!