Monday, January 10, 2011

Gizmo gots frost butt!

Jeeze ohs man!! Nows Gizmo almost gabes Mummy an attack of da heart!

I was on Mummys bed rollings in da sheets and she mades dis horrible noise! She saids dat Gizmo wasnt movings or comings out for his kibbles....dat not like Gizmo, that dude likes to eats. So, Mummy grabbed hims and was checkin hims out. She wrapped him ups ins tons of blankets wif warmers of da hands and puts him ons her belly. It tooks a few minutes but hes finally starteds snorfing Mummy and unrollings. Mummy saids his belly was colds and dat he haves to sleeps wif hers da rest of da night, so she cants keeps an eyes on him. Personallys, I fink we shoulds just moves to some places of da warmth and we no haves dis problem of frost butt. Mummy saids he iz doing betters dough, so no worries and Mummy phone typeds to Auntie Debbie & Auntie Christina cause she was scaredsh.

Mummy saids I haves to gets shleeps tonights because we haves to goes backs to coll-edge to-mar-rows. We weres supposes to goes backs today, but Mummy wasnt feeling da bestest. I fink she misses Daddy lots. I woulds be mores cuddlys if she woulds stop puttin doze stupid stars shaped kibbles ins my dish! Day taste yucky!! She wonders why I kicks dem out all da times?! Jeeze...Mummys dees days...

<3 Little Foot

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  1. So glad Gizmo is doing ok. Jeesh! He sure scared mummy. Tell mummy to make a little fleece pocket thingie that closes with velcro to put the handwarmer in and put that in all of your sleeping bags so you can sleep on the warm pillow!