Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hi's Hoomans, Welcomes to mys blog: Little Foot's Daily Prints!

I ams Little Foot-- a one year old hedgehog. I ams at coll-edge wifs my mummy studyings hedglish and hogliture. I foughts startings my owns journals would helps wif my studies.

                      I haves three brovers:
                                          Dis iz Charlie-- He's da youngest!
                      Dis iz Gizmo-- He iz a Texas Tumbleweed
                            And dis iz Copper da woof-woof. He lives wif Daddy!

                    I also haves a seester:
Dis iz Lily da woof-woof! She lives ats Mummy's pairrents condo!

                  and diz iz mys Mummy & Daddy!!

I haves to starts packings my fings to heads backs to coll-edge to-mar-rows, so I wills writes againz soons!

Haves funs pokin' arounds!
<3 Little Foot


  1. Yays!! I'm so glad you have your very own blog, LF!!! :)

  2. Fanks Auntie Debbie! I foughts it'd be nices to haves, so you don't misses outs on anyfing. I beens missing yous and Auntie Christina a lots latelys.