Monday, January 17, 2011

Seecret stealer!

Wells, Mummy ands I ares backs at coll-edge fors da week. Her Mummy mades us leaves earlys because of white fallings froms da sky. Mummy was upsets because she wanteds to shleepsh mores and goes tos her Auntie Sandys birfday party...Her Mummy was beings a meanie! HMMMPPFFF!!

BUT! Whens Mummy was puttings mes ins my care-e-er she saids "OH NO! Whats stuck on your teeth?!" I nose ideas what she talkings abouts...nofing stucks on my teefs. Den befores I knows it she is steecking hers fingers ins my mouth tryings to prys it opens!!! She no fools me.. I knows what she was doings! Trying to steals birfday seecrets she was! I not lets hers ins my mouth.. I shooks my heads and scrunched mys nose and gaves her a WHO-HA rights in da belly! NO SEECRETS FORS YOU MUMMY!!!!!

In da end I dids haves a fuzzy stucks...oopsies.. =)

Alsos...Mummy iz still havings bads aches of da heads...pwease prayers fors hers dat she feels betters soonish. Fank you.


Pssstttt....Mummy iz 20s ins free days!!

<3 Little Foot

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  1. Hope mummy feels better!! You give her snuggles and kisses (no WHO-HAs!)