Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White from da sky & Greenie Meanies

Mummy hads to wakes up berry earlys for class todays...she nots a morning hooman. I hids ins my igloo untils she lefts. She cames backs after class and tooks a naps for like 2 hours untils Daddy woked her ups fors her next class. She needs da sleep dough-- I no likey when shes seek or tired.

Our classes ares hards dis times! We haves lots of readings & writings to dos. Todays we reads abouts uhmmzzz... de-veil-up-mint. I didn't quites understands... I chewed Mummy's shirt and nommed whiles napping in hers lap.

Last nights I losted 21's of my quills!!! I haves new ones pokings me thoughs...Auntie Debbie finks I just a late bloomer and nots to worries. Mummy iz a little upsets thoughs because I just hads da greenie meanies. =\ I fink day will goes aways; I justs a-just-ing agains likes hers. Dare iz whites from da sky fallings toos!! Mummy saids its very slip-er-ree out dares and da winds iz blowings everyfing arounds...BURRRSSSS!!!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCMENTS: My brover, Charlie, iz da "Cute peekchur of da day" on Pierce Pog's facebook page!!
Also, My seester, Lily da woof-woof turns 10 years olds to-mar-rows!!!

Otays, timez fors anoder nap.

<3 Little Foot


  1. wowee...so much going on in LF's world!! I hope you are feeling better. Do you still have the greenie meanies? White stuff is falling from the sky here too. I hope you are keeping toasty warm in your fleece blankies and hedgiebags! Congrats to your brover being the cute picture of the day!! I love that picture of him!

  2. I knows! Its beens a verys busy days! I ams feelings okays; it was just ones greenie meanie and Mummy iz watchings me likes a hawk...she needs to goes hover somewheres elses!

    I knows! Charlie was very exciteds abouts his peekchur =)