Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wows! Somebodies mades da Snow fairies madssss!!!

Sorry erybodies dat I haves nots beens writings eryby days. Mummy haves nots beens feelings da bestest, sos I beens helpings hers wif stuffish.

Tuesday nights da snow fairies cames and da wind goblings howleds really louds all nights!! I was scareds! I slepts wif Mummy most of da nights. Whens we woked ups dare was snows eryber wheres!!! Mummy saids we gots 17 inches!!! Coll-edge was closedes fors da second times sinces 1889! We spents da day togefers ins da warms nappings. =)

Hedgehog days was yes-tur-days toos and Charlies ran and ran and ran and ran!!! We almost mets our goals for monies, buts we fells shorts a little bits. =\ We hopes to does better next years, but we still prouds ofs whats we dids dis years and we wants to sends a big HUGE fanks to alls our spon-sirs!!!

Mummy starts tea-ching ons Monday and she berry berry nerve-us!! Daddy & I fink she do greats, buts she nots listning. hopefully no ones makes da  snow fairies mads agains!

I wants to sends good luckish and positive healing vibes tos my good friends Penny and I also very happys dat Tails iz makings a goods recovery!!

<3 Little Foot


  1. Yays - good to see a new post from you LF! I'm glad you kept warm during the storms. You keep telling Mummy that she is going to be great at teachings and not to worrys! But she still does need to get sleeps, ok? I was very happy to hear that Tails was found; and that Penny had a good doctor's appointment. Let's hope the test results come back and everything is a-ok!

  2. How are you doing LF? You've been very quiets lately!