Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mummy lefts mes!!!!


Mummy lefts me herez againz and wents to sees Daddy wifs outs me! What da hecks! Now me ands my brovers ares stuck wif hers stinky seester....I no likey her. I gets mys food myselfs! HMMPPFFF! I no takey mys med-e-sin fors ever eifers...nope nope, I wills nots! I fink Mummy iz coming backs to-mar-rows dough. Den we haves to studys fors tests and writes lots of papers...coll-edge iz dones on Fursday.

You knows...I was gazings outsides my condo and I nose understands hows Charlie's condo iz such a messish  all da timez! Why he nose keeps his litter in his box? ands why musts he poos all over dat huge fing he runs on? ....Hows egg-saw-sting.... and den Gizmo...I haves no clues what dat dude does over dares. He's always runnings arounds under his liners ands dumping his dishes--they both a bunch of crazies! been 6 minnets timez fors anodder nap.


  1. Little Foot, make mommy feel as guilty as you can when she gets back, so she'll give you extra mealworms! That's what Sir Felix does.
    Auntie Frances

  2. i a so sorry Little Foot that you have been left behind again. I think you deserve extra attention, treats, and cuddles.

  3. That was my comment: Bridgette!!!

  4. Now LF, you be a brave boy when Mummy goes away. It's too cold for you to be traveling, and Mummy knows what is best for you. You takes your medicines like a big boy so you can be nice and strong when you come to visit me this summer! :)