Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh nose... der-eyes and reds skins spots


Mummy note-iced todays whiles wes weres in Hoglish class dat I habes dry skins again ands I habes a few spots dat is reds. =\ She sabes I prob-ill-less shoulds starts my med-ee-sin agains to make sures I otays. I tells hers I fine, but she nots list-sin to mes...nope nope!

Today was ours last days of class-sis. Now we just habes papers to writes ands two tests....whatever doze takes and we bes all dones wif dis......uhmmm...whats iz its I fink...anyways, dat is nice and hopefullys Mummy wills be less stre-sised. Den ins da times of May wes are takeish a poetry classish and Mummy wills bes tea-ching poetry tos  da bad peoples dat lives in da big scary building wifs reallys tall fences and guards...I scareds....I not go dares and I no likey Mummy go dars eifers, but I guesses she wantish toos. She sabes shes a little nerrvus toos. Wes also takings a class of da a-mare-i-cans hisssstory too...dat sounds likes a greats timez for a nap!!

My brovers ares doing pretty wells. Charlie iz healthys and nevers gots our seekness, so dats good, and Gizmo iz finallys growing somes of his quills backs even dough he still losing somes toos. I ams losing some still, but I nots bald like dat poor dude.

YAWWWWNNNN....I fink its timez tos shleep againz....Zzzzzzzzz....


  1. LOL - your posts always make me laugh LF! I hope your dry skins gets better real soon. And tell mummy to be careful with the "bad people". Hopefully they turn into nice people after hearing some pretty poems! :)

  2. Fanks Auntie Deb. Yeffs I tells hers to bee carfuls. Daddy no likey dat she iz goings to does dat, but she sabes it bees goods fors her res-you-may...whatevers da heck dat iz.